We are happy to announce that our “Delayed Back Remixed EP” will hit stores worldwide very soon. It is based on our album „Delayed Back“ and will be co-released with the eleven-track “Delayed Back Remixed” album. The EP contains a selection of 6 remixes by Jon Kennedy, Biodub, Tom Tyler, Violent Public Disorderaz, Kova and Stundman.

The EP opens with a pumping House remix of “Grant Lump And The Elevator” by the German producer Stundman (Schnellboot Records). It is followed by a dance floor dub version of the song “Schinkenwurst Dub” made by the our drummer himself Patrick Wurster aka Biodub (Ki Records). The A side ends with a spaced out rework of “Vybrant Hydrant” by the British producer Tom Tyler (DC Recordings).

The Prague based producer Jon Kennedy (Jon Kennedy Federation) starts the B-side with a hammering remix of “Peninsolar” in a broken beat outfit. Also remixing “Penisolar” the Bulgarian beatsmith Violent Public Disorderaz (Dusted Wax) transformed the song into head nodding downbeat version. Finally the EP is concluded with a smooth jazzy Hip Hop remix of “Vybrant Hydrant” by the Berlin based producer Kova (Melting Pot Music).