About Noetics

Noetics is a German five-piece Neo-Krautrock instrumental band that has formed in 1997. They have released three studio albums and their tracks have been published on numerous compilations (e.g. Asia Lounge). Having toured through several countries in Europe they played with artists like Tangerine Dream, The Funky Drummers (from James Brown), Sofa Surfers or Kraan.

Noetics have deliberately chosen to do intrumental music. They want the listener to enjoy it without focusing on words or a frontman. Performing live Noetics transfer their audience into a “collective dance hypnosis” (Tinnitus-Mag). Their fan base is spanning from dancing Hippies, Stoner Rockers up to fans preferring electronical beats.

Working together for over ten years, Noetics developed into a very tight live band that does not need words to communicate on stage. The musicians are able to vary their songs and often make use of improvisation. Supported by guest musicians as well as fire- and lightshows every concert becomes a unique experience.



  • Ole Ohlendorf – keyboards, synthesizers
  • Christian Schmidt – percussion
  • Christoph Majewski – guitar, guitar synthesizer
  • Patrick Wurster – drums
  • Arne Borchard – bass

Friends and guest musicians

Artists Noetics played with

Live References

  • Burg Herzberg Festival – Kassel (GER)
  • Stemweder Open Air – Stemwede (GER)
  • From Earth To Universe Open Air (GER)
  • Swamp Room Happening – Hannover (GER)
  • Swamp Room Mania – München (GER)
  • Open Eye Festival – Oberlunkhofen (CH)
  • Zytanien Open Air – Lehrte (GER)
  • Rotenturn Festival – Slovenj Gradec (Slovenia)
  • TRNFest – Ljubiliana (Slovenia)
  • Poletna Scena Festival – Nova Goricia (Slovenia)
  • Reviste Fesztivál – Zarnovica (Slovakia)
  • Fundbureau & Bar227 – Hamburg (GER)
  • Buchte – Bremen (GER)
  • Burg Ronneburg – Frankfurt (GER)
  • KuZeb – Bremgarten (CH)
  • Music & Art Festival – Burg Sternberg (GER)
  • Archfest – Stuttgart (GER)
  • Appletree-Festival – Osnabrück (GER)
  • and more…