The Noetics-members Patrick Wurster and Ole Ohlendorf aka Pettenhäuser & Ohlendorf celebrate their debut on 60Hertz Records.

As part of the live ensemble „Open Synth“ they start their solo project with the „Wechselwandler EP“. Pat Pettenhäuser (aka Biodub aka Path) brings his knowhow as a producer and DJ plus his deep understanding of grooves as drummer from Noetics and delivers a deep pumping electronic basement. Ole Ohlendorf – the soundman – tweaks the keys as professional jazz piano player and adds melancholic soul and dub with his liveplayed rhodes and synthesizers. On the edge to dubtechno this EP enchants with its calm and hypnotic ambiences. Wraped up in a handstamped cover each copy is unique.

Vinyl available here

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